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Installation of Ls2capi wrappers for iSeries
Ls2Capi on iSeries
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Installation of Ls2capi wrappers for iSeries

Unzip and restore libdomw.srvpgm from libdom.savf to QNOTES.

libdomw.savf contains libdomw.srvpgm that provides wrappers for LotusScript calls to Notes C API. The authenticated users can download it at the bottom of this page.

How to install: create an empty SAVF file on the AS/400, upload .savf file using the ftp commands below and restore srvpgm.

1. Create savf file:

CRTSAVF qnotes/libdomw

2. Open "MS-DOS Prompt" window and type:
> ftp <AS/400 host>
<AS/400 user name>
<AS/400 password>
ftp> cd qnotes
ftp> bin
ftp> put libdomw.savf
ftp> bye

3. Return to AS/400 system and restore the SRVPGM by executing command:


4. Change owner to QNOTES

CHGOWN OBJ('qsys.lib/qnotes.lib/libdomw.srvpgm') NEWOWN(QNOTES)

All function names in wrapper are prefixed with "w". Some new functions that allow to handle pointers are also included, see section iSeries specifics in the chapter Implementation, limitations and special considerations. Reference material coming later on this site.

Sample declaration in LotusScript:

Const LIB_OS400 = {/qsys.lib/qnotes.lib/libdomw.srvpgm}

Declare Function OS400_NSFDBClose Lib LIB_OS400 Alias {wNSFDBClose} (byVal hDB as Long) as Integer

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