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Happy readers




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Happy readers

I haven't yet met anybody unhappy about the book, but there are quite a few enthusiastic readers. Here go some opinions from happy readers:

Notes and Domino veteran Richard Schwartz (may the Schwartz be with you!) finds it extremely useful and thinks that there are at least Two Great Reasons To Buy A Book

Torben Bang, Notes Developer, SOLAE EUROPE S.A.

...This book and the reference on your web site, has really helped me achieving my first goal in programming the C api from LotusScript.

from a script of ICQ chat with Daniel Nashed (Nash!Com, http://www.nashcom.de)

Daniel: I think it is good to mention that CAPI from lotus script can cause serious crashes if not coded correctly and your book is a great resource for this stuff...

Normunds: resource to create crashes?

Daniel: nope

Daniel: resource how to code it in the right way :-)

and when I mailed Daniel to ask if it is OK to publish this script, he added:

...this is one of the books to have in the lib :-)

Joe Litton also seems to be happy about the book. Or was it simply the nice stamp on the package that swayed his opinion? Warning: particular kinds of stamps are not guaranteed.
Clarification from Joe: ...it was more than just the stamps! :-) ...you have provided a resource that has been badly needed for a long time.

Bob, Proud Programmer and Mark Gregory also have a good first impression. And thanks for posting it guys!