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C API and Ls2Capi Links

This page will contain only links to pages closely related to the use of C API or calling of C API from LotusScript.

Lotus links

Blogs, tutorials and other sources C API related information
Domino Developer Domain aka Notes.net

These forums, particularly R4&R5 forum, contain enormous amount of informations. Here goes a generic search string for Ls2Capi code posted on R4&R5 Forum:

http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/46dom.nsf/DateAllThreadedweb?SearchView &Query=declare+and+lib &SearchOrder=3&SearchMax=0&SearchWV=FALSE&SearchFuzzy=FALSE&Start=1&Count=80

Or click the link and modify as necessary: Search the Notes.net


In case you plan to use an object oriented approach and wrap your C API code in classes, a great help is Notes Hound from http://www.noteshound.com. As we all know classes is something added as an afterthought in Domino Designer without any means of decently finding properties and methods and navigating them. I use this tool regularly to navigate in classes no matter which design element they are in; it works both for R5 or ND6. It feels like I'm doing Domino work in VB environment (just joking;-)

It is true swiss knife of Domino Developer, and the scoop is — this tool has been written by calling both COM and C APIs from VB; an excellent case of extreme coding. A pitty it's not an open source.