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Ls2Capi Discussion Forum

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This website contains material that complements "LotusScript to Lotus C API Programming Guide". Some parts of it including posting of comments and discussion items are available only to authenticated readers of the book. Enter your username and password to authenticate.

You should have cookies and JavaScript enabled for the authentication to work..

You should have received your username and password by email to the address you provided during the purchase of the book. In case you failed to receive it or you have any problems loging in let me know about it.

About the forum
Welcome to the Ls2Capi Discussion Forum!

This forum is intended to be the principal feedback avenue for the "LotusScript to Lotus C API Programming Guide". Hence, the rights to post is limited by the authenticated readers of the book. As such I do not expect it to be moving at an extremely rapid pace and to contain many posts and controveries. At the same time feel free to use it also to exchange views and post questions on related and not so related issues.

I would be happy to host this forum and help finding answers to tricky issues. Please let me know if you find any problems with the Forum or the site in general.


The site has been launched on: 22 November, 2003